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Themes for customizable decorations for Treats and Mugs
Dive into the captivating world of personalization with our range of themesto bring your events to life and enhance your memories. Whether it's an elegant wedding, an unforgettable birthday party or a unique corporate event, our customizable themes turn each creation into an edible work of art.

Choose your theme and give your event an incomparable touch of personalization!
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Barbie “Hearts”

Little girls' favorite theme enhanced by pink and white heart patterns.


Wizarding cats

Cute cats that can hide tricks...

Spirit Clipart (7).png


Equestrian adventures full of color.


Harry Potter

Staging inspired by the famous magician.


Paw Patrol “Pups”

The fine team of rescue puppies and the other characters.

coat of arms 1.png

Paw Patrol

15 characters and their coats of arms spread across all your favorite treats.


Autumn flowers

Your event adorned with the most beautiful and delicate flowers in autumn colors.


African loincloths

The patterns of the different loincloths will adorn your events.

Paw Patrol “Stella”

The heroine of your event: the English cocker spaniel ready for a little ride in the air!


Snow White

Characters inspired by the famous little princess and her 7 friends


Savannah Zebra

The elegance of the zebra skin pattern.

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