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Bébé qui sourit en dormant

The birth of

An Ode to Love and Memory

Created in 2022, Kalennda Créations is the passion of giving life to original decorations through decorative drums, reproducing the in utero universe of babies.

The starting point was a first ultrasound drum, a therapeutic experience: in 2020, faced with a second non-progressing pregnancy, I was looking for a way to make the image of this precious life palpable. This first drum has become much more than an object. It crystallized the memory, allowed me to better accept the loss and healed the emotional after-effects.

That spark turned into a passion, a mission to create ultrasound drums to capture the magical moments of pregnancy.

I am Céline, mother and creator of personalized gifts. Each of my creations is infused with love.


Kalennda Créations is more than a brand; it is a story of love, strength and resilience. Each drum I create is a piece of my soul, an ode to life and memory.


Welcome to my universe where each creation bears the seal of love and life.


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